Fire Protection Malaysia – The Best Fire Protection company in Malaysia

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Fire Protection Malaysia – The Best Fire Protection company in Malaysia

Fire protection company in malaysia – Fire protection is one of the top demands and the need for any company working anywhere globally. It’sIt’s the companies’ demand, but the government also approves the licenses or NOCs for some companies’ specific works only after confirming that the relevant company has installed the best quality fire protection system.

fire protection malaysia

When you are the owner of a factory, company, or any business center, you would be aware of the importance of the fire protection system. According to the Fire Services Act 1988, it’s mandatory to get a Fire Certificate (FC) for certain types of buildings having a high risk of catching fire. These fire certificates are issued by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (BOMBA), ensuring that the company asking for a Fire Certificate is safe and allowed to operate in the building.

Fire Protection Malaysia

So if you are looking for the best fire protection company in Malaysia with the ability, skilled engineers, and reliable services to install a fire protection system in your Factory, business center, or the company’s building, then AITO Firework stays as one of the most trusted and the top fire protection companies in Malaysia. AITO has earned a large number of loyal customers by offering top-notch services in Fire protection.

Top Fire Protection Services Company

AITO Firework being a leader in delivering the best quality firework and with more than 15 years of experience in fire fighting, offers different fire protection services in Malaysia. Some of the top services that AITO Firework offers are as follows:

●    Service & Maintenance

Maintaining fire protection systems is one of the top services that Aito Firework offers in Malaysia. A skillful, certified, and experienced staff visits the worksite and deals with all the systems’ sizes from small hard-wired to large networks. Furthermore, after evaluating the systems, firework experts advise upgrading, repairing, and replacement whenever necessary.

The services included in this section are: maintains the fire protection systems for ensuring the complete fire security of the buildings, vessels, and oil and gas platforms also, the services for maintaining the Fire Extinguisher and any fire equipment.

●    Fire Safety Consultation

With skillful and certified firework engineers and staff, Aito Firework also offers fire safety consultation services. After going through the building style, structure, and location, the team consults the companies, business centers, or the plazas that which fire safety system they should install there to stay entirely safe from any fire mishap.

AITO Fire Protection Company in Malaysia, after analysis gives the consultation on the fire safety designs helpful in safely evacuating the buildings in an emergency or critical situation to preserve lives.

●    Fire Safety Training

With the comprehensive and detailed courses, Aito Firework also offers the top fire protection training and the fire protection solutions tailored to your unique specifications and desired outcome. These training sessions might be on-site or off-site while staying fully flexible about the times and locations.

To protect your company’s employees and ensure that the staff is fully aware of the risk of fire and the best and safest way to deal with it, Aito Firework expert trainers do hard work.

●    Fire System Installation

Aito Firework also offers services for fire safety equipment installation. With a team of experts capable of installing the correct and best-to-meet requirement for the fire system, AITO does every task wholeheartedly while ensuring the full fire safety and clients’ demands.

With the ability to create and design systems, AITO works for uplifting the fire safety measures even for the most hazardous places in industrial facilities for the protection of your building and property.

●    Supply Fire Equipment

With different fire safety services, AITO also offers various fire safety equipment and products needed to stay safe from fire in buildings. Some of these are: fire hydrants and rising mains, hose reel systems, foam systems, dry powder, sprinkler systems, water mist and fogging systems, Emergency Light, and Valve Hydrant, etc.

AITO is the best-to-hire Fire Protection Company in Malaysia!

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