Manual Detection System

Early detection can decrease property loss and reduce downtime for the business since control operations can begin while the fire is still minor.

Manual Detection System

A building fire emergency notification system that consists of audio and visual alarm notification equipment located in all common-use areas of a building, as well as manual alarm stations put at each exit from every floor. If the building additionally has an automated sprinkler system, the water flow devices and valve tamper switches are linked to the fire alarm system as well. All interior alarm notification appliances are activated when any manual pull station or water flow via the sprinkler system is activated.

Most fire alarm systems give emergency responders information on the location of the incident, which speeds up the firefighting procedure.

Alarm systems generally send a signal to a manned monitoring station, either on-site or off-site and offer notification to at least the building’s inhabitants. Alarms may be sent immediately to the fire department in some circumstances, although this is no longer the standard procedure in most places.

Fire Detection System

Fire Alarm System

Emergency Response

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