CO2 Suppression System

To put out a fire, a CO2 fire suppression system eliminates oxygen. When the suppression system detects smoke or fire, it releases the CO2 agent into the protected space.

To put out a fire, several different types of agents are used in a suppression system. Clean agent or inert gas suppression systems are commonly found in server rooms and other environments where personnel work. CO2 fire suppression systems are typically found in environments with little or no personnel. CO2 fire suppression systems can be found in engine rooms, generator rooms, power stations, flammable liquid storage rooms, and around large industrial machines.


While CO2 fire suppression systems are extremely effective at putting out fires, the CO2 agent is also hazardous to one’s health when compared to other agents. As a result, CO2 fire suppression systems are most commonly found in unoccupied buildings.

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