CO2 weighing test

Weighting a CO2 fire extinguisher is the only way to determine whether it is empty. Along with other details, the gross weight (G W) is branded into the cylinder shoulder’s metal. Weight your CO2 fire extinguisher (without the swivel horn) and compare the results to the stamped gross weight to determine how full it is.

Step-step to inspect CO2 Fire Extinguisher.

1.Find your Fire Extinguisher

It may seem apparent, but you must be aware of the locations of the fire extinguishers near your house or place of business. If there is a fire emergency, make sure they are in a location that is easily accessible.

2.Fire extinguisher class verification

Verify the labelling on your CO2 fire extinguisher to be sure it is safe for the kinds of fires that might occur nearby. If the label doesn’t contain adequate details, look them out online or get in touch with your local fire department.

3.Look above the plastic seal. A seal retaining a safety pin should be present on every fire extinguisher. Any extinguishers with cracked or missing seals should be reported to your local fire department.

4.The canister’s weight The pressure inside CO2 fire extinguishers is very high. They lack gauges, unlike other kinds of extinguishers, so it is necessary to weigh them to determine how much is inside. The majority of CO2 units have weight labels like 2,5, 9, 25 and 45 kilogram.

5.Check the nameplate, nozzle, and pin. On a CO2 fire extinguisher, everything need to appear brand new. Examine the pin, nozzle, and nameplate for damage or tampering.

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