Deluge System

A deluge system is a fixed fire suppression system made to withstand serious fuel hazards. To put an unwanted fire occurrence under control, many sprinklers are operating at once.

The deluge system, which consists of open sprinkler heads and unpressurized dry pipes, is directly connected to a water supply. When activated, a deluge valve simultaneously discharges water to all of the open sprinkler heads.


Other fire-suppressing substances, such as dry powder, foam, chemicals, or inert gases, can also be released by deluge systems. The system piping is empty and dry up until the deluge valve is activated by an electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, or manual release system, but once it is, the deluge system floods the region with pressured water or other fire extinguishing substance.

In high-risk locations including chemical facilities, aeroplane hangars, and power plants, deluge systems are employed. Due to the simultaneous distribution of water or another fire suppressant to all open sprinkler heads, these systems are particularly successful in risky environments. This total flood approach extinguishes a fire before it has a chance to go out of control.

Any one or a combination of the following are the primary goals of using deluge systems.

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