Fire Fighting Robot

AITO is collaborating with the robotics expert Shark Robotics. The partnership focuses on the creation and distribution of the firefighting robot. Shark Robotics offers both catalog and custom-made robots to meet the specific needs of its clients. When developing robotic firefighting systems, specific tasks are considered. This umbrella includes search and rescue, monitoring of hazardous variables, and the primary task of fire suppression. It focuses on security, defense, industry, energy, and nuclear power.

Shark Robotics is an innovative company: Four new robots are created annually. ” Combat-proven” robots: Robots from Shark Robotics have been battle-tested. At least ten interventions per week are performed by our various robots. Shark Robotics provides its customers with high-end robots because it has total control over the value chain and all of its manufacturing is performed in its factory. Short-loop engineering increases Shark Robotics’ agility and receptivity to customer requests.

Advantage of the Fire Fighting Robot

At AITO Firework Sdn Bhd, we do sell fire extinguishers among an extensive range of fire safety equipment. In addition, we offer education and training to help you, your organization or your business to operate the equipment effectively. To inquire further, contact our friendly team today

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