Why should you install sprinklers?

They offer protection against fire damage

Sprinklers and other Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (AFSS) can protect your home as well as nearby buildings, people, and property. They offer protection against fire damage and, more crucially, they increase the likelihood that people will escape a fire. They can also save money by lessening the harm and severity of a fire.

Water extinguishes the fire

It is made up of a distribution piping system that is permanently attached to building structures, as well as a valve station and sprinkler heads that are firmly attached to the distribution pipes in the protected area. A water source is connected to a pipeline network and sprinkler heads. In the event of a fire, water flows from the sprinkler heads and sprays the affected area. Water extinguishes the fire, cools building structures and the surrounding area, and at higher temperatures it evaporates quickly, displacing oxygen and thus creating an inert atmosphere, preventing the access of oxidant, i.e. the atmospheric oxygen required for combustion.

Activated one by one where the temperature rises

Sprinklers are activated one by one where the temperature rises – they don't all go off simultaneously throughout a building like in the movies!

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