Battery Room Solution

Batteries are somewhat unique in that they pose both chemical and electrical hazards. Because electrolyte (chemical) hazards differ depending on the type of battery, the risks are product- and activity-specific.

Lead-acid batteries are chemical devices that store enormous amounts of energy. In-building or containerized battery energy storage facilities are a new and emerging development in power generation and distribution. Off-peak energy is captured and stored by battery storage systems for use during peak hours when more energy is required. Batteries are charged and discharged in energy storage systems.

There are early warning signs prior to the actual thermal runaway event. Electrolyte outgassing is a reliable indicator. A thermal runaway event is imminent as soon as electrolytic gas develops. However, there is still time to automatically initiate appropriate counter or extinguishing measures.

This is accomplished through a two-pronged approach:

We at AITO offer experienced advice, consulting services, and a solution for Battery Room Protection.

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