Server Room Solution

A form of fire suppressant called inert gas safely puts out IT-related flames while being non-toxic to nearby people and the environment. Smaller server rooms are usually protected by it, especially ones that see a lot of traffic. Anyone trapped in the server room should be protected from the fire and the extinguishing gas once the fire and life safety system has deployed the gas.

A sort of clean agent fire suppression called synthetic gas fire suppression puts out fires by using produced chemicals. In contrast to inert systems, the gas inside is liquid until it is deployed. This indicates that, compared to inert agents, these systems can assist a fire protection system cover a much broader at-risk region with much less storage and footprint.

However, because they put out the fire by reducing the oxygen level in the room, these agents frequently present issues for spaces that frequently house people. Systems for suppressing fires made of synthetic materials are frequently more expensive and subject to stricter environmental regulations than their inert counterparts.

We at AITO offer experienced advice, consulting services, and a solution Server Room Protection.

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