Intelligent thermography

SENSIA technology offers an automatic temperature control system based on high-precision thermography. High-precision temperature measurement over long distances is key to optimizing performance and efficiency in industry. On the other hand, the continuous monitoring of critical components is a step forward in preventive maintenance and early detection of faults. RedLook integrates with other systems and allows you to set custom alerts that are automatically activated.

RedLook “Flame Detection” is the most reliable tool for fire anticipation (by intelligent thermography) and early warning of fire. Cutting edge AI analytics provide excellent performance in terms of range, detection probability and warning time. Able to detect fire hazards before break out, this trusted monitoring system provide high immunity to false alarms. Including the most frequents sources, such as solar glints, moving lights or fluctuating hot lamps.

Mileva F Series

Caroline F Series

Temperature indicator

Shows the precise temperature value of those elements shown on the center of the image.

Auto-contrast mode

Enhancement of the thermal image to get the optimum temperature values for each scenario.

Up to 5 color palettes

Different color palette available by double clicking on the palette bar and providing the temperture in Celsius.

Saturated colored

Any pixel exposed to extreme temperatures is hightlighted and a warning indicator is triggered.

AITO is one of the distributer appointed by the Sensia Solutions for the Malaysia and South East Asia. Our website contains a variety of brand types to facilitate the customization of customers’ preferences based on the selection of pertinent criteria.

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