Water Canon

Automatic Water Cannon for fire protection or known as Automatic Tracking and Positioning Fire Cannon Extinguishing System is an automatic device to extinguish the fire. Since the use of sprinklers becomes less effective if being used for roof heights exceeding 17 meters such as atrium in the shopping mall and warehouse, another more effective fire extinguishing medium should be used as an alternative. For buildings that have a roof height of more than 17 meters, the use of an automatic water monitor system as an alternative which focuses on the fire point is a very effective solution.

Automatic Tracking and Positioning Fire Water Monitor/Cannon uses infrared/UV sensing, signal processing, communication control, computer, and mechanical transmission technologies. 

How its work?

Area of Application

This device’s cylinder-shaped water injection has a long range, wide protection range, and powerful fire-extinguishing capacity. Station waiting rooms, airports, passenger terminals, sports arenas, convention and exhibition centers, movie theatres, dance halls, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc. can use it extensively.


Water cannon differ from other similar devices in the volume of water delivered in a given time, the nozzle speed, the pressure that it is delivered at, and to a lesser extent the total volume that can be delivered. They are also generally portable. The method of employment is also important in labeling a device a water cannon. Nevertheless, the distinction between a water cannon and other similar devices is fuzzy. For example:-

  • Pressure washers generally produce an extremely high pressure stream where the power of the stream drops off significantly over a very short distance.
  • Water pistols and other toys deliver much lower volumes of water at a much lower pressure.
  • Ultra high pressure water jet cutters are used to cut a wide variety of material

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