Local Application System

A local application system is a permanent fire suppression system with nozzles set up to automatically discharge extinguishing solution onto the burning material in order to put out or control a fire.

A system called a leak-detection system is related to local application system. It can identify whether the primary or secondary containment structures have failed, or when hazardous waste or accumulated liquid has leaked out of the secondary containment structure.

An interstitial monitoring device that can continuously and automatically detect the failure of the primary or secondary containment structure or the presence of a release of hazardous waste into the secondary containment structure must be used in such a system. Operational controls, such as daily visual inspections for releases into the secondary containment system of aboveground tanks, must also be used.

Specially designed for Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression for small Enclosures

This Linear Pneumatic Heat Detection tube when installed in a small enclosure, filled with fire suppressing agent and pressurized with Nitrogen, will detect heat/fire in the range of 85°C to 135°C . On impingement with this heat/fire, the tube ruptures at the hottest point, forming a dispensing Nozzle, from which the pressurized agent is discharged instantly directly on the source of the heat/fire extinguishing it instantly and flooding the area with the agent, thereby mitigating any spread or reignition of fire.

By utilizing a pressure switch attached to the tube via an EOL on one end and interfacing with any existing FACP or Audio-Visual Alarm unit the activation of the unit can be annunciated, or functions like tripping the power supply or switching on/off ventilation etc. can be also achieved.

This automatic Fire detection & suppression is a standalone reliable and simple system that doesn’t require other hard wares or power input to activate and requires no maintenance. The system pressure can be monitored by visual check of the provided pressure gauge.

Key Features

  • Special Formulated material designed to function in Harsh and reactive environments.
  • Formulation designed to prevent surface damage when exposed to or installed on Galvanised metal/equipment’s.
  • Special Formulation prevents gradual permeation of pressurising agent over period of time, adding to its 100% reliability.
  • Non-Destructive Tested to withstand pressure max up to 120 Bar.
  • Low moisture and water absorption ratios.
  • Chemically resistive to most common chemicals
  • Compatible with all Inert, Low pressure and High-Pressure Agents
  • Utilised and installed as standalone linear heat detector and suppression unit.
  • Compatible Fire suppressant Agents- All Clean Agents, (FK5112, HFC227ea, FE36) All Dry Chem. Powder

Typical Applications

The good news is AITO has capable technician that can possess the required abilities and information.

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