Hybrid Water Mist Systems

Hybrid Water Mist structures are a mixture of smooth agent inert gas and water. The mist is produced in a way that maximizes the exceptional attributes of each.  Nitrogen is injected into the water movement on the nozzle generating extraordinarily small droplets and additionally performing to lessen the oxygen awareness in the protected risk. This interprets right into a Water Mist device this is nearly dry making it perfect for safety of pc rooms, records centres and the like.

The Water Mist droplets (much less than 10 micron) are as much as a hundred instances smaller than water debris brought via way of means of a conventional water mist system, offering 50% improved heat absorption and overall extinguishment. Nearly 0 water residue in covered regions manner there may be no water harm after the hearthplace is extinguished.  Hybrid structures effortlessly extinguish small fires in massive rooms and additionally paintings properly in obviously ventilated environments. 

The homogeneous mixture of water droplets and nitrogen gas is propelled with enough energy to overcome the drag effect that has limited the effectiveness of traditional Water Mist systems.

Water extracts heat from the fire. Steam generated from the fire aids in the radiative and convective heat blocking. Momentum is generally lost within a short distance of the nozzle. More efficient for large fire extinguishment. High velocity and low pressure creates a uniform blend of water and nitrogen; water is introduced to a jet stream of nitrogen at supersonic speed, then delivered with the nitrogen into the protected space.

In designing hybrid water mist systems there is a wide range of factors involved that require rigorous calculations, modeling and actual performance testing. From an engineering calculation standpoint, important parameters include:

  • Room size and shape
  • Location of objects and equipment
  • Drop size distribution
  • Mass flow rate
  • Velocity
  • Direction

The good news is AITO has capable technician that can possess the required abilities and information.

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