AITO EV Fire Blanket Demonstration

As electric vehicles (EVs) become increasingly prevalent on our roads, it’s essential to address the unique safety considerations that come with their presence. One crucial aspect of EV safety is understanding how to handle fires that may occur in these vehicles, particularly those involving their high-voltage battery systems. Finally, EV fire blanket demonstration serve as valuable educational tools, providing insights into the effective use of fire blankets specifically tailored for electric vehicle fires.

EV fire blanket demonstration aim to showcase the proper techniques for deploying fire blankets in the event of an EV fire emergency. These demonstrations typically involve simulating various scenarios where an electric vehicle battery catches fire or experiences thermal runaway, presenting attendees with realistic situations they may encounter on the road or in a workshop setting.

During these demonstrations, trained instructors guided participants through the steps of safely and effectively using fire blankets to suppress EV fires. Therefore, it is includes proper handling of the fire blanket, positioning it over the flames to smother them. Additionally, instructors may provide insights into the unique characteristics of EV fires.

The primary goals of EV fire blanket demonstration are twofold; to educate individuals on the specific challenges posed by EV fires and to empower them with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively in such situations. By participating in these demonstrations, attendees gain a deeper understanding of EV fire safety principles and are better equipped to handle emergencies involving electric vehicles.

AITO Ev Fire Blanket Demonstration at FERA Training Center SDN. BHD

Prevention and Preparedness

  1. Electric vehicles present unique safety considerations due to their high-voltage battery systems. Demonstrating how to use a fire blanket in the event of an EV fire educates owners, emergency responders, and the general public about proper safety protocols.

  2.  By demonstrating how to use a fire blanket effectively, individuals can better understand how to prevent and respond to EV-related fires. This promotes proactive safety measures and ensures that people are prepared to handle emergencies.

Demonstration EV Fire Blanket

AITO Ev Fire Blanket Demonstration and Testing at CEFS KERTEH

Fostering EV Safety Awareness

AITO proudly facilitated comprehensive fire blanket demonstrations and testing sessions at the CEFS Kerteh and FERA Training Center SDN. BHD., where participants had the opportunity to witness firsthand the efficacy of our innovative safety solutions. These public demonstrations served as invaluable educational platforms, enlightening attendees about the critical safety features and potential risks inherent in electric vehicles (EVs). Together, let us continue to prioritize safety, innovation, and responsible ownership practices to ensure a brighter, safer future. You can get more information on EV Fire Blanket.

AITO Ev Fire Blanket Demonstration and Testing at CEFS KERTEH

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