Extinguishing Agents

BlazeCut fire suppression systems have been manufactured to suit a wide variety of fire suppressing agents. Matching the agent to the application is critical to the performance and success of each fire suppression system. BlazeCut have carefully selected a range of high performing agents that can cover every need. The offering is based on three types of systems: gaseous, powder and foam. Each fire suppressing agent has different characteristics to extinguish flames. The critical decision maker of which agent is most suited to your application is based on the fuel type that would be ignited in the event of a fire. 

As an example, for diesel fires a foam agent or powder would be selected or in the event of electrical systems a gaseous based agent would provide excellent performance. Reignition and the agents effect on the surrounding area also needs to be considered.

Foam Agent

Gas Agent

Powder Agent

At AITO Firework Sdn Bhd, we do sell fire extinguishers among an extensive range of fire safety equipment. In addition, we offer education and training to help you, your organization or your business to operate the equipment effectively. To inquire further, contact our friendly team today

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