Data Center Solution

Data centers are crammed with computer servers that require meticulous care. Because these servers are on all the time, the server racks are prone to overheating and even catching fire. Several data center fires have recently occurred, bringing to light how data centers are managed.

Codes and standards require safe exits, fire suppression, and adequate warning of fire or other hazardous conditions within the data center space.

Because data centers are densely packed with server racks, a fire suppression system that does not destroy the equipment is required. A specific type of fire suppression is required in data centers.

As a result, two types of fire suppression systems are ideal for data center use: a dry pipe fire sprinkler system and a clean agent fire suppression system.  Dry pipe fire sprinkler systems are an excellent choice for data centers and other facilities that house electronic equipment. The sprinkler pipes are filled with air rather than water, so the servers will not get wet unless there is a fire.

We at AITO offer experienced advice, consulting services, and a solution for Data Center Safety and Protection.

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