Firefighting Mask

Mask C701

C701 is the new full face mask of the Sèkur range which, through the innovative Air-On inspiration system, manages to combine a high protection factor with a minimum level of breathing resistance, assuring comfort and safety to the end user.

C701 can be used with particle, gas and combined filters equipped with EN 148/1 threaded connection, offering high protection against gases, vapours, solid and liquid particulates.

C701 is available in 6 colours (red, nato green, aquamarine, orange, black and white), with harness in EPDM or in 3D fabric, and with treated visor.

Ergonomic Design & Comfort

The harness, fixed on 5 points, is available in EPDM or 3D fabric (interchangeable). 3D fabric is designed to achieve maximum comfort and breathability. The three-dimensional structure assures maximum air circulation within the layers to always have fresh and dry fabrics.

Air-on Inspiration System

Innovative inspiration system with rectangular inhalation valve and absence of non-return valves, which ensures excellent anti-fog, assuring a minimum level of breathing resistance.

Panoramic Visor

The visor, optical class 1 (EN 166), ensures a wide field of vision, without optical distortions.

Class 3

The mask is certified as class 3 according to EN 136 (maximum mechanical, heat and flame resistance).


Lightweight mask, easy to use and to maintain.

Mask C607 Twin

EPDM full face mask with a wide field of vision. One size fits all. Complies with EN 136. For use with a couple of dust, gas or combined Sèkur filters Series 200.

Sekur esCAPe

Sèkur esCAPe is an escape device with filter that protects respiratory organs, eyes and face against hazardous substances and smoke developed in the event of fire. Sèkur esCAPe, fitted with a mouthpiece and a hood, allows a high degree isolation of the wearer in a contaminated environment. The combined filter protects the user from P2 dusts, acrolein, HCl, HCN and carbon monoxide also in high concentrations (until 10000ppm of CO). All materials are heat and flame resistant, and grant the device a high impact resistance. The use is simple and intuitive.

At AITO Firework Sdn Bhd, we do sell fire extinguishers among an extensive range of fire safety equipment. In addition, we offer education and training to help you, your organization or your business to operate the equipment effectively. To inquire further, contact our friendly team today

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