Fire Nozzle

Firefighters use handline fire nozzles to put out fires, one of the most important firefighting tools. The fire hose that delivers water to extinguish fires is fitted with a handline nozzle. Handline fire nozzles must be of high quality in order to ensure effective fire suppression and improved water flow.

Nozzles are labelled with their gallonage and pressure capacity. It can deliver 60 GPM at 100 PSI and 50 at 110 PSI with a nozzle.

A nozzle’s stream pattern affects its ability to fight fires. The cone-shaped stream of droplets produced by fog nozzles is called a fog stream. Using these droplets as a source of steam, a room can be quickly cooled. Water in straight streams is deposited into columns. Using this method, the discharge can travel further and penetrate deeper, but it is less efficient at removing heat or ventilating.

Bladders serve three primary purposes in firefighting apparatus.

Output from nozzles is affected by three different factors.

When it comes to how far, fast, and deep water can go into a burning substance, the pressure of the water is everything. More water equates to more extinguishing agent, which helps to lower the temperature of the burning fuel.


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