Fire Blanket Tips: How to Use Fire Blanket With The Right Method

Fire Blanket Tips : Use fire blanket it can help to remove fires that are sourced from oil then automatically the oil whose essence is lighter will be on the water and when the water flows to a wider place, even so with the oil burning, it will flow with the water. This causes the fire to widen and expand. Then, what can be done to put it out?

This extinguisher is made of glass fiber cloth coated with fire resistant material. The way it works is to stop the supply of air into the fire.

Remember the fire triangle, the fire-forming factor?

Fire can occur when 3 fire-forming factors are met, namely heat, fuel, and oxygen. If only one factor is insufficient, then the fire will not be formed. This extinguisher works by blocking one of the fire triangle factors, namely oxygen.

Fire Blanket Tips

Fire Blanket Tips, How To Use Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket Tips

  • First see how big the fire is. Before deciding to use fire blanket, also pay attention to how big the fire is because this thing are intended for small fires or fires that are not larger than the range that are capable of being covered by this fire blanket.

Fire Blanket Tips

  • Make sure your hands and arms are protected from the danger of fire. Before use  fire blanket, at least wear fire retardant gloves . So it is advisable to keep a fire blanket close to fire proof gloves.
  • Pull the two ribbons on the fire blanket until the entire blanket of fire comes out of the storage area.
  • Set your position near the hotspot and position the fire blanket on the side of your arm. Make sure your position is right and not closed to see hotspots

Fire Blanket Tips

  • After feeling your position is right, immediately cover the entire burning area slowly with a fire blanket (don’t throw it).
  • If possible, turn off the heat source immediately, such as turning off the electric current, turning off the stove, oven, and so on.

Fire Blanket Tips

  • Immediately step away from the burning area and let the fire blanket cover the fire source for more than 30 minutes to make the area safe and make the fire not burn again.
  • While waiting for the blackout process, you can contact the firefighters to come to help if the blackout effort will not succeed.
  • After enough time has passed, lift your fire blanket slowly and carefully. Position yourself in the direction of the wind (do not go against the wind). If the fire has completely extinguished, clean the fire blanket and the area that was previously burned.

The use of fire blanket will complement the fire protection system both at home, apartment, office, hotel, restaurant, industry, workshop, etc. which can be used both for fire and rescue outages. Hopefully this article on how to use fire blankets can be beneficial to the reader.

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