Fire Consultant Malaysia: Top 5 Fire Consultant in Malaysia

Fire Consultant Shah Alam

Fire Consultant Malaysia: Top 5 Fire Consultant in Malaysia

Fire consultant Malaysia. Have everything to offer. But it is your choice to choose which fire consultant Malaysia company you could rely on. These are the top 5 fire consultant company in Malaysia we can suggest to you.


1. FESDES Malaysia 

FESDES Sdn Bhd is a fire safety engineering consultancy firm that had been in business for a long time. The FESDES is a short form of “Fire Engineering Safety Design” (

The company mainly dealing with fire and life safety strategy development, fire engineering deterministic assessment and risk analysis modeling, fire and smoke modelling, code compliance services and matters related to the local fire authority.

FESDES have been involved as integral members of the design and implementation teams for numerous major building and infrastructure projects as fire engineering and code compliance consultants, the efforts of which have resulted in maximum project design flexibility, major cost savings in construction from concept development to system testing, certification and project sign-off activities.


2. AITO Firework Holding Sdn Bhd

With more than 10 years of experience in fire fighting and fire consultant Malaysia. AITO Firework can help you to fulfill your needs and give you satisfaction through all of our services and our products of fire equipment.


They apply their experience and comprehension of flame security issues to give full flame wellbeing designing administration for the undertaking that will use creative flame designing arrangements and procedures to convey a structure that is protected while meeting the building, operational and financial yearnings for the plan.

Their expertise includes fire safety installation and services in buildings such as industrial and commercial, offshore, onshore and marine.

AITO Firework offers specific fire safety consultations relating to specialist projects or specific fire safety problems.

3. Dexalon Sdn Bhd

DEXALON fire engineering team is very pleased to set out their proposal for fire engineering support to your company. Dexalon Sdn Bhd (Dexalon) is confident to provide a service to your projects which will be of great value to the scheme.

They apply their experience and understanding of fire safety issues to provide a full fire safety engineering service for the project that will utilize innovative fire engineering solutions and strategies to deliver a building that is safe whilst meeting the architectural, operational and fiscal aspirations for the scheme.

Dexalon will proactively coordinate with the design team on all fire safety issues, identify value engineering opportunities and actively pursue them were agreed by the design team.


Stephen Grubits & Associates is established in 1996 as Australia’s first specialized fire safety engineering consulting practice, Stephen Grubits & Associates (SGA) is a high profile Australian owned fire safety engineering consultancy, specializing in fire safety solutions to complex and innovative construction projects throughout Australia & Asia.

This understanding enables them to provide complete and reliable cost-effective performance based solutions, assistance to manufacturers, professional development and expert advice to legal cases where fire safety is of the essence.

Stephen Grubits & Associates broad strategy is to combine leading edge capability in the latest modelling and simulation tools, some of which we have developed, with key expertise in fire science as well as the regulatory environment, to deliver the very best advice across the full range of fire and life safety issues.


JENSEN HUGHES is a global team of engineers, scientists and consultants dedicated to carrying on a rich legacy of our founders who believed in advancing the science of safety to protect what matters most through technical excellence.

According to them, their roots were planted 80 years ago, and they have remained committed to earning their clients’ trust when it comes to addressing the complexities of safety and security.

JENSEN HUGHES have since expanded to operate in more than 100 countries to help meet the growing needs of our clients.

Over the years, and through additions of specialized, industry-leading firms, continued to build on their core strengths in code consulting, fire protection engineering and risk analysis to now expand their expertise in areas such as forensics, emergency management and security to better support the spectrum of our clients’ priorities from risk mitigation to compliance and resilience.

To choose the best fire consultant in Malaysia, choose according to your company’s need and the credibility of the company.

Here at AITO Firework, we are ready to offer you the best fire consultant service. Contact 03 – 7831 4791 to reach us and experience the best consultancy service with us.



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