Fire Evacuation Plan for Your Premises

fire evacuation plan


When a fire occurs at the workplace, it can threaten the employees and the business itself. While fires themselves are hazardous enough, the disaster can cause panic and chaos; especially if the workers are unprepared.

The best way to protect your workers and company from this devastation is by a detailed and rehearsed fire evacuation plan.

A prove that having a quality fire escape plan will not only prepare your business from fire, but also from any disaster that might happen. By providing an incentive fire safety training to each one of the workers, they will be able to evacuate and leave the premises immediately in any case of emergency.

How to create an effective fire evacuation plan for your premises

In this article, we will guide you to create an effective fire evacuation plan for your premises.

Investigate main danger

Firstly, start with some basic question and simple way by investigating the main danger that may threaten your business in the case of fire.

Take some time to think, what are possibilities of the fire outbreak? Are the workers using one plug with multiple cords? Or does the source of heat is being placed near combustible items?

Make sure to understand the threat.

Create a clear chain of command by appointing a person with an authority during the emergency. This is because, when fire initiates in your premises, the employees will look after the person for guidance and reassurance.

The designated person will give orders to the other staff about the fire safety and evacuation plan.


Primary and secondary routes

A good fire escape plan consists of primary and secondary escape routes. All of the exit paths must be marked with a clear sign.

Also, make sure that the routes are not being blocked with something that might slow down the evacuation process. Clearly marked the assembly area and make sure it is a little bit further from the buildings.

Next, the designated person has to make a constant reminder to all of the colleagues the location of the fire safety devices such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets.


Regular fire drill

Also, a regular fire drill minimizes the confusion and hence, a safe outcome during fire emergency will occur.

In a nutshell, a fire evacuation plan for your business premises really helps to protect your employees and business asset. This is why it is important for the business owner to prepare a necessary fire action plan.

And by that, not only plan but to make sure all of the workers to know and implementing the right things especially during the real emergency.

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