Fire Safety Certificate : Fire Certificate in Malaysia

Fire Safety Certificate: Fire Certificate in Malaysia

Fire safety is an essential issue for everyone. Homes and businesses need to establish fire safety plans in order to ensure that everyone stays safe. The plan should talk about preventative measures, evacuation procedures and fire escape plan.

Thus, it is important for the premises to get Fire Certificate (FC). It is because the certificate is to comply with Malaysian Standards requirement and the BOMBA requirement.

Not only that, the certificate is also to ensure the building is secured to be occupied and to ensure insurance coverage if happen any incidents.

What is Fire Certificate?

Fire Certificate is a certificate issued to premises that are classified as designated premises. The owner or occupier of any public building such as offices, hospitals, shopping complexes, industrial buildings and private residential buildings that fall within the criteria is obligatory to apply and obtain a Fire Certificate (FC).

All designated premises must have a fire certificate issued by the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department.


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Below is the example of Fire Certificate issued by BOMBA:

Fire Safety Certificate

All the buildings in Malaysia must get certified before can be used

The Certificate of Compliance and Completion (“CCC”) used to be known as the Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (“CFO”) but was replaced in 2007 in order to increase capability and reduce red tape authority. The major change that was put into action then is that the CCC would be issued by private bodies such as architects, engineers and building draftsmen instead of the local authority.

In turn, these architects, engineers and building draftsmen are known as the principal submitting person (“PSP”) and they are subject to certain duties and responsibilities.

Fire Safety Certificate 2

An example of a Certificate of Compliance and Completion

What does the CCC even do?

The CCC is essentially meant to show that the building is now safe to be lived in and used. Depending on where you live, the issuance of the CCC would have to fulfil certain requirements enforced by the local authority.

These requirements would be carried out by the PSP and typically include, among other things, submitting the building plans for approval, supervising the construction, ensuring compliance with the technical conditions imposed by the local authority.

What does a building need to get certified?

Aside from adhering to the building plans and submitting the proper plans, the CCC is only issued after six services have been confirmed. These services are:

  • The confirmation of electrical supply from TNB
  • The confirmation of water supply from the relevant water authorities
  • The confirmation of connection to sewage treatment plants or mains by the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembentungan
  • The clearance on machinery and lifts from Jabatan Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Perkerjaan (if applicable)
  • The clearances for active firefighting systems (except for residential homes not more than 18m high) from the BOMBA
  • The confirmation on roads and drainage

The penalties for failing to observe the proper guidelines for issuing the CCC are also severe in order to ensure that all the proper rules are complied with. For example, it is wrong to occupy a building before a CCC has been issued or if the CCC is issued without the proper forms.

The new premises must apply for a fire certificate upon obtaining a Certificate of Fitness (CF) or Temporary Certificate of Fitness (TCF) or Certificate of Completion and Compliance (CCC).


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An application may be made at the State Headquarters of Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia (JBPM) or Fire Zone Office where the place of the prescribed premises is the office of processing any fire certification application.

All designated premises shall be connected electronically or by telephone to the nearest Fire Station by switched switchboards to provide an immediate automatic alarm in case of emergency.

Some practical steps you can take to ensure your safety

Some general fire safety tips that you can practice in your home:

  • Invest in a fire extinguisher
  • Install a smoke alarm
  • Use hinged grilles on your windows instead of fixed ones. This provides an additional escape route if you can’t reach the door
  • Always try to take note of where the fire exits are located when you’re in a building for the first time

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