What is Fire Triangle

In the fire triangle, it is described that there are 3 elements that can cause a fire: fuel, air, and source of the fire. The flame will be produced when these 3 elements of the fire triangle, fuel, air, and fire are united or mixed at a certain phase. This proves that fire cannot occur when :

  1. No fuel or fuel is insufficient for fire.
  2. No airflow or insufficient air for fire.
  3. Sources of fire are not strong enough for the fire to occur.

The Fire Triangle also is known as Combustion Triangle or ″Fire Diamond

Various types of the 3 elements of the fire triangle, fuel, air and sources of fires are generally found in the chemical industry, including :


Solid: plastic, wood powder, fibre, metal particles

Liquid: gasoline, acetone, ether, pentane

Gas: asylum, propane, methane, carbon monoxide, hydrogen


Solid: metal peroxide, ammonium nitrate.

Liquid: hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, perchloric acid

Gas: oxygen, fluorine, chlorine, flour


Lighter, static electricity, cigarette butts, etc. Be careful and always be wary of working with the three elements of the fire. Keep the three elements as much as possible and always provide a good and ready-to-use fire extinguisher.

If just one of these components is unavailable, the fire triangle will collapse and the fire will be extinguished. The fire extinguishers are designed to combat those fires.

Fire Triangle Facts :

  • Normal air contains 21% oxygen.
  • Fuel may also contain oxygen
  • Heat sources may come from the Sun, hot surfaces, sparks, friction, and electrical energy.
  • Fuel sources can be either in solid, liquid or gas form.

There are different types of fire extinguishers and their uses for fighting different classes of fire.

How does the fire triangle work?

When fuel or flammable materials are heated, the energy stored inside starts to react with oxygen in the air, giving off heat. This creates a vicious cycle, which causes the fire to spread. To stop the spread of a fire you have to remove one of these elements to break the triangle should

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