Provide Safety To Your Guest

The hospitality industry is evolving and new design approaches are being explored. As people desire multi-purpose venues—including lodging, gaming, restaurants and night clubs—it’s important to take an integrated approach. We partner with you to solve complex safety challenges throughout the project lifecycle.

Our Scope Of Work

The amount and type of fire safety equipment in hotels and entertainment premises vary by the size of the building, its height and age. Many high-rise hotels are protected with fire sprinklers, but one out of four still lack them. For all hotels and motels regardless of height, only 50 percent have fire sprinklers. Some hotel owners have corporate policies to retrofit older properties with fire sprinklers, but this is not the norm. And some hotels install state-of-the-art, well-maintained fire alarm systems that render false alarm problems nil, but other owners continue to tolerate the problem. As a result, many hotel guests ignore fire alarms.

The good news is AITO has capable technician that can possess the required abilities and information.

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