Wet Riser and Dry Riser System

Designed for the use by the fire department as a quick and easy way to deliver large amounts of water to extinguish or prevent the spread of fire.

Wet Riser and Dry Riser System

wet riser and dry riser

Dry Risers are often used in low-rise structures. The riser pipe is empty and does not contain any water. In the case of a fire, water is pumped into the riser from fire tenders through the Fire brigade inlets at the foot of the riser.

High-rise structures have wet risers. The riser pipe in these systems is always full of water and is pressurised by gravity tanks or specialised fire pumps. As a result, water is constantly accessible for firefighting. On wet riser systems, fire brigade inlets are also supplied to deliver water in the event that the system fire pumps fail.

Wet Riser System

Dry Riser System

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