EV Fire Blanket: The Ultimate Emergency Defense

A Guide to Safety and Preparedness in Malaysia 

As Malaysia embraces electric vehicles (EVs), the need for robust safety measures is paramount. In this article, we explore the role of EV fire blankets in emergency defence, highlighting their importance in safeguarding both EVs and users. We’ll also delve into government guidelines mandating EV fire blanket use in charging bays, making them essential for every EV owner.

The Imperative of Emergency Defense for EVs

Electric vehicles revolutionize Malaysian commutes, offering eco-friendly options. However, unexpected emergencies can occur. EV fire blanket offer proactive solutions, rapidly responding to potential fires and ensuring safety for EVs and occupants.

Understanding the Guidelines – Mandating EV Fire Blankets

To promote safety in the growing electric vehicle landscape, the government mandates EV fire blanket use under the GPP EVCB guidelines. These guidelines provide parameters for planning, designing, and constructing charging bays. One blanket is required for a single charging bay, with additional mandates for multiple bays.

According to the guidelines:

  • A single EV charging bay requires one readily available fire blanket.
  • For two to ten charging bays, two fire blankets are mandated.
  • If there are 11 to 15 charging bays, three fire blankets become necessary.

Infographic of ev fire blanket required for ev charging bay

The Role of EV Fire Blankets in Emergency Preparedness

EV fire blankets are more than just a compliance requirement; they are a crucial component of emergency preparedness for every EV owner. Manufacturers specifically design these blankets to suppress and contain fires that may occur in electric vehicles. Let’s explore the features that make EV fire blankets indispensable:

  • Swift Deployment: Engineered for rapid response, EV fire blankets can be deployed swiftly, minimizing the impact of potential fire incidents.
  • Fire-Resistant Materials: Crafted from advanced materials, these blankets provide a protective barrier tailored to the unique challenges of electric vehicle fires.
  • User-Friendly Design: With intuitive deployment mechanisms, EV fire blankets are easy to use, ensuring that both EV owners and bystanders can take effective action during emergencies.

Promoting Safety of EV Fire Blankets

In light of the government guidelines and the importance of emergency defense, promoting and marketing EV fire blankets is not just about compliance; it’s about creating a culture of safety and preparedness. Here are some key points to consider:

– Peace of Mind: Investing in an EV fire blanket offers peace of mind for EV owners, knowing they are equipped to handle emergencies effectively.
– Compliance with Regulations: Highlight the mandatory nature of EV fire blanket under the GPP EVCB guidelines. Moveover, positioning them as an essential accessory for responsible EV ownership.
– Tailored Solutions: Emphasize the tailored design of EV fire blankets for electric vehicles. In addition, showcasing their effectiveness in mitigating the unique risks associated with EV fires.


In the journey towards greener transportation, safety is key. Moreover, EV fire blankets meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate commitment to safety. Beisdes, Malaysians can ensure their EVs are equipped for secure and responsible driving by understanding their importance and complying with guidelines. Finally, invest in EV fire blankets for a safer electric driving experience.


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