How to Solve EV Fires?

EV Fire Blanket

How to Solve EV Fires?

Electric cars are generally considered to be safer than gas cars because they do not produce emissions that can endanger people. There are two types of electric vehicle (EVs) which is vehicles that are either partially or fully powered by electric power. 

However, study shown that electric vehicle fires ( EV Fires ) are more common than previously thought as vehicle use batteries. Lithium-ion batteries power standard for modern battery electric vehicles as they have greater longevity and are excellent at retaining energy.

Despite this improved efficiency, there are still challenges with these batteries as they can experience thermal runaway.

Thermal runaway is a chain reaction that occurs when a battery cell short circuits & starts to heat up. It can last much longer than gas which tends to burn out quickly. When the battery catches fire, it requires almost tens of thousands of gallons of water to extinguish. As a result, they must know how to solve EV fires.

There are several causes of EV Fires, which:-

High temperature

Lithium-ion batteries perform most optimally within a temperature range of up to 38 Celcius +- 5 Celcius. Summer temperature could touch up to 50 Celcius, especially during direct exposure to the sun which can lead to thermal runaway.


Battery fire

Since batteries need to be charged, you should know the risk of charging in higher temperatures. Electric abuse such as overcharging and deep discharging cycles also a factor. Batteries have been damaged in some way and during charging, which is the case with recent vehicle fires that have made the news recently and resulted in safety recalls, to the cost of billions of dollars.

Pek bateri ion lithium


Lithium ion battery pack from an electric car.

Accident or crash

The main danger occurs when the lithium-ion battery is damaged, which might happen during a collision or accident. The batteries in these vehicles have been known to overheat, burst into flames, or even explode.

Kebakaran EV
Nearby flames or building

Surrounding the car such as open burning or fire buildings can affect as well the temperature or heat that will cause the battery quickly reach even 500 -degrees Celsius which may results in the cell exploding or catching fire. 

Kebakaran berhampiran EV

There is a situation of a short circuit may occur if an electric vehicle’s battery is damaged by a collision or water intrusion from a flood which causes the cell to discharge energy and heat up. This is called thermal runaway which the heat propagates from one cell to another causing them to burn. 

In some cases EVs are submerged in water, contaminants or salt water can cause short-circuiting when the water drains from the battery.

Kebakaran EV
There are some effective ways to avoid your EV battery from igniting. Here are some tips:
  • Never leave batteries charging in a building that is unattended or overnight.
  • Unplug or disconnect from the battery once charging is complete.
  • Make sure the battery does not overheat and is charged on a hard surface where heat can disperse
  • Repair or replace the battery immediately when you notice the battery condition is not good.
  • Always monitor and inspect your vehicle battery regularly for any damage and the charger, and get to know the signs of the battery.
  • Store your Electric Vehicle in a cool and dry place. 
  • Install smoke alarms at your property, preferably interlinked detectors.

Electrical vehicles (EVs) are more likely to catch fire than gas-powered vehicles because of their batteries designed. Here’s how to solve an EV fires.

AITO comes with a solution for fire protection supply for electrical vehicles. Ai-LITH offers a range of lithium battery fire extinguishers to help fight the flames and prevent fire propagation. New and revolutionary technology that fixed and portable delivery techniques to effectively combat lithium-ion battery fires.

Ai-LITH (Kebakaran EV)
Selimut Api (Kebakaran EV)


  • Water content in Ai-LITH cools the fire source
  • Ai-LITH is nearly twice as effective as water on a class A fires
  • Ai-LITH is safe for the environment and non-toxic to humans, plant life and animals.
  • Effectively extinguishes flammable metal fire
  • Ai-LITH can be deployed using standard firefighting equipment
  • Applied as a fire break to prevent the propagation of fire


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