Fire Blanket Maintenance and Inspection

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fire blanket


In the earlier article, we all have been learned how the fire blanket operated especially against fire caused by combustible cooking tools and personal clothes that are on fire.

But, in order to determine if the fire blanket you owned is working or not, you need to put proper care and inspection to the device.

For gentle maintenance to this fire safety device, you as a responsible person need to call a designated person, the competent service provider for an annual inspection. This is to ensure that the device is working if the emergency occurs.

Fire Blanket Inspection

Usually, the service provider will carry out a visual inspection:

  •  The fire blanket is secured at the correct height and can be opened without obstacles.
  • Check the fire blanket and cover are in good condition.
  • The operating instructions are legible, clean, and faced outwards.
  • Replace the fire blanket in its cover and record details on a service label.
  • Each fire the blanket is correctly located in the designated place, visible and unobstructed.
  • Review the fire blanket siting and ensure that its location is not too close to a fire risk.

Watch the video on how to use fire blanket.

After visual inspection

After any visual inspection, keep in mind to put the blanket back exactly as directed by the manufacturer. Remember to replace safety elements that are designed to indicate whether the fire blanket has been used, and make sure the blanket is clean and free of dust.

Make proper care towards the fire blanket by disposing of the device after use. It is not designed to be reused. It may increase the hazard to use the used fire blanket. Bear in mind to make sure the blanket is at room temperature before disposal.

Also, it is a recommendation for an owner to replace and buy the new fire blanket if the device is already 7 years old even if you are still not using it. But it also depends on as specifies by the device’s manufacturer.

In a nutshell, it is crucial to carry out regular safety inspection towards any form parts of good safety items that are available in your own premises. This is because by incorporating visual checking into the devices is an effective way of ensuring the safety of every occupant’s life.

Get a Fire Blanket

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