Fire Extinguisher Refilling : Fire Extinguisher Malaysia

Fire Extinguisher Refilling: Fire Extinguisher Malaysia

A fire extinguisher refilling on reasons, if the fire extinguisher is used, even partially, it is useless in case of a subsequent fire scenario. Hence it is essential to get the fire extinguisher recharged immediately, without any delay.

The legislative framework in the country makes it mandatory for the shell of the fire extinguisher to undergo the Hydrostatic Pressure Test every 3 years.

Fire Extinguisher Refilling

Annual Inspections

You might never get to use your fire extinguisher. This means you will not need to fire extinguisher refill it every year. However, it is good to note that annual inspections of the fire extinguisher are mandated by law.

Failing to comply with the Ontario fire code can lead to hefty fines and not to mention the fact that your business will not be as safe as it should be.

Remember the 6-year rule

With the majority of fire extinguishers refilling, you will need to recharge or refill them once every 6 years.

This is regardless of whether you have used them or not. For complete fire protection, you need to refill your fire extinguisher as soon as you use it.

You should also not get it refilled by just anybody. You need a professional for this service. To get the fire extinguisher refilled properly, you need to find someone with a good reputation.

Pay Attention to The Pressure Gauge

It is very easy to check if your fire extinguisher is in perfect working condition. You do this by checking the pressure gauge. The gauge is normally located at the top of the fire extinguisher.

There will be a green and red section on the gauge. When the yellow gauge is in the green section, the extinguisher is in good condition.

You need to fire extinguisher refilling if it is in the red section.

For complete protection from fire, you need to check the gauge at least once every month. If your extinguisher doesn’t have a pressure gauge, it is outdated and you need to replace it with a new one that has the gauge.

Get to Work with a Professional

In order to save money, most people choose to refill the fire extinguisher on their own. This is not the best decision you can make.

It is imperative that you always contact a professional for this service. You need an expert that guarantees each refill that they do so that you will have the peace of mind that goes with having fire extinguishers in perfect condition.

Fire Extinguisher Refilling

Do Training

Last but not least, having working fire extinguishers is useless if nobody can effectively use them. Your staff needs to know the location of the fire extinguishers and should know how to use them.

Fire Extinguisher Refilling

Refilling fire extinguisher involves filling fire extinguisher with a similar agent as indicated on the label and in some instances, it may include emptying the remaining agent and refilling it as it new.

In some cases, it could be cost-effective to purchase a fire extinguisher refilling unit in case you have a bigger number of fire extinguishers for refilling. For effectiveness, you need the correct equipment, air compressor, training and agent.

However, it is more convenient to hire a professional company to take on the duty. This is because have the necessary resources and is cost-efficient.

If you have any questions about fire extinguisher refilling, contact our expert team at 03 – 7831 4791.



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