Fire Hose Reel Systems : 6 Step Host Reel Works The Right Way

Fire Hose Reel Systems

Fire Hose Reel Systems: 6 Steps Host Reel Works The Right Way

Fire Hose Reel Systems are a readily accessible product and a water source for dealing with Class A fire risks. There is a range of Fire Hose Reels designed to meet specific needs.

Fire Hose Reel Systems

Fire hose reel systems are made up of pumps, pipes, water supply and hose reels located to ensure proper coverage of water to combat a fire.

Manual systems are activated by releasing a valve, which enables the water to flow through the hose.

A pump will automatically kick in on the loss of water pressure, ensuring constant water flow and pressure for a jet of water typically 10M from the nozzle.

Proper installation, maintenance and replacement of fire hose reels are paramount to proper function.

Ensuring hoses operate safely and effectively is an essential part of keeping building occupants safe from fire, so if negligence causes or exacerbates fire, there can be severe legal ramifications.

Ensuring premises are properly protected from the fire also means protecting business staff, patrons and your own financial future.

History of Fire Hose Reels

Invented by Jan van der Heyden, the Superintendent of the Fire Brigade in Amsterdam, the first fire hose in 1673 replaced the practice of using water buckets to fight fires.

The first fire hoses were 15-meter lengths of leather sewn together like a bootleg. Nowadays most fire hose reels used on commercial and industrial properties are made of lightweight synthetic fabrics, whilst nozzles and connectors are constructed of brass or aluminum.

Step Hose Reel System Works

Before you start using the hose reel. It is best to know the basics and the right way to use them. Here are the right steps and techniques.

1. Turn water onto the hose reel by operating the control valve.

2. Remove the nozzle from its bracket.

3. Proceed to a safe distance from the fire.

4. Turn the water on by operating the nozzle.

5. Direct the water at the base of the flames.

6. Extinguish the fire by using a sweeping action.

Always make sure you have a clear line of retreat and you have alerted people nearby. When you have finished with the fire hose reel, return the hose and nozzle to its original stowed position.

This guide will help you in case of an emergency and can use it in the right and safe way.

Source: FAMA



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