Did You Know There Are 10 Things That Have Expiry Date?

things that have expiry date

Things That Have Expiry Date

Many people often give attention to the expiry date of food or drinks. But not many aware of simple things that we normally use every day have an expiry date as well. After this, you guys can check your belongings and do not forget to replace them with new ones.

These are 10 things that you should know about the expiry date :


1. Pillow – Expiry within 2-3 years

things that have expiry date

Obviously pillow helps you to get a night of adequate sleep. Pillow also helps to relieve backache for those having the problem. For your information, after 2-3 years it will start to be a breeding ground of bacteria and fungus.

Indirectly will be your health main factor. To make sure your pillow gives the utmost function go and change your pillow after 2-3 years.


2. Towel – Expiry within 1-3 years


things that have expiry date

Did you happen to see people use their towel until they became thin and dark in colour? It is not because of the quality of the towel but because of the very long usage of it. As your towel is always wet or moist, that is the perfect place for the growth of bacteria and will be the reason for various dermatitis.

Even though the towel is frequently washed, but still the bacteria problem will not be solved. Maximum of 3 years usage then replace with the new one!


3. Hair Comb – Expiry within 1 year.


things that have expiry date


The hair comb is best washed with hot water once a week and be replaced every 1 year. For your information, the expiry period of hair comb which is made from natural material like wood, bamboo and etc is less than it should be, 1-10 months.


4. Extension Plug – Expiry within 1-2 years.

things that have expiry date

This extension plug has its own capacity. It will explode if overuse. So, be careful and make sure the usage limit is controlled and is in good maintenance.

5. Power Socket – Expiry within 4-5 years


things that have expiry date

Yes, the expiry date of the power socket and extension plug would not be exposed but the expert advises replacing the power socket every 4-5 years to avoid short-circuit or fire at home.

The most important is when your power socket starts to harden or you notice a change of color, replace it with the one that is a must!


6. Child Car Seat – Expiry within 6-10 years.

things that have expiry date

A child car seat actually has a usage period of 6-10 years. If you use it longer than the period you actually put the babies on harm because the seat will lose its shape and not be strong enough to protect the baby.


7. Toothbrush – Expiry within 3 months


Usually, you will replace your toothbrush when it looks bristle but it is actually wrong because you have to replace it once every 3 months or much better change the toothbrush every time you recover from cough or flu.

Else, the same disease will keep repeating because the bacteria stick to the toothbrush.


8. Perfume – Expiry within 2 years

things that have expiry date

Perfume is able to last longer for about 2 years if put in the open place while can be last longer up to 3 years if kept at a close place.


9. Shower Puff – Expiry within 2 weeks

shower puff

Another best port for bacteria and fungus is on shower span and shower puff. So, the best way to replace your shower span is every 2 weeks or soak it in hot boiling water to kill the bacteria.


10. Fire Extinguisher – Expiry within 10 years


fthings that have expiry date


The fire extinguisher is one of the things that have a long-term expiry date. The expiry date for a fire extinguisher normally lasts for 10 years.

If there are any damages to the fire extinguisher, you are advised to refer the expert or make a replacement. Afraid that the fire extinguisher is not functioning when you are in need of it.




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