AITO Fire Blanket

Introducing the AITO Fire Blanket: Your Ultimate Safety Companion

In the face of unexpected fire emergencies, be prepared with the AITO Fire Blanket – the ultimate safety solution designed to safeguard both you and your loved ones. This exceptional fire safety tool is an essential addition to any home, workplace, or recreational space, offering reliable protection and peace of mind.

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Size(mm): 1200 x 1200 (4’ x 4’)/ 1200 x 1800 (4’ x 6’)/ 1800 x 1800 (6’ x 6’)

Material: Woven Fibreglass Fabric

Colour: White

Coating Finish: Loomstate

Operating Temperature: Basic Fabric 600°C

Key Features:

Rapid Fire Suppression: AITO Fire Blanket is engineered to swiftly smother flames, instantly cutting off oxygen supply and preventing the spread of fire. Its durable and flame-resistant material effectively starves the fire, making it a crucial tool for minimizing fire damage.

User-Friendly Design: Designed with simplicity in mind, using AITO Fire Blanket is a breeze. Its straightforward pull-tab release mechanism ensures quick access and deployment even during high-stress situations. No complicated instructions or setup required.

Versatile Application: Whether it’s a kitchen grease fire, a minor electrical mishap, or an outdoor grilling accident, the AITO Fire Blanket is equipped to handle various fire types. Its versatility makes it an indispensable asset in any environment.

Premium Quality Materials: Crafted from high-grade fiberglass fabric and coated with a fire-resistant substance, this fire blanket is built to endure extreme temperatures and resist burning. Its construction ensures durability and reliability, ensuring it will be ready whenever you need it.

Compact Storage: AITO Fire Blanket’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store in accessible locations. Hang it on a wall, store it in a drawer, or keep it in your car – its space-saving design ensures you’ll always have it within reach.

Safe for Users: Your safety is paramount. AITO Fire Blanket’s ergonomic handle and heat-resistant materials ensure you can safely handle it during use, protecting your hands from potential burns while dealing with a fire emergency.

Invest in your safety and be prepared for the unexpected with AITO Fire Blanket. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or outdoor enthusiast, this versatile fire safety tool is an indispensable addition to your emergency preparedness kit.

Don’t leave your safety to chance – choose AITO and experience the peace of mind that comes with being ready to tackle fires effectively and swiftly. Your safety is our priority.


4'x4', 4'x6', 6'x6'

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