EV Fire Blanket

Our Blankets are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures for a prolonged period of time as well as being robust enough to offer protection against potential debris and shrapnel expelled during a battery fire event.
These qualities make our Lithium-ion battery fire blankets an important part of your passive fire protection strategy.
If your organization is connected to the production, storage and transportation of lithium-ion batteries and associated devices you will need a comprehensive strategy which incorporates passive and active fire suppression systems.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, please contact us with your requirements.

• Working temperature up to 1100°C
• Fire resistant technical fabrics
• Fire resistant re-enforced multi-layered edge lining
• Fire resistant industrial stitching
• Handling loops on all corners
• 1700 x 2000mm
• 2600 x 3300mm
• 6000 x 8000mm

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