Salwico NS-AOHS-IS Multisensor Smoke Detector


SALWICO NS-AOHS-IS – Smoke Heat Detector for Fire Alarm Systems Salwico. It consists of two separate elements of the analogue sensor. One – optical, for the detection of smoke and heat, another element – sensor to detect heat.

The alarm status is displayed on the detector by means of a red LED. The LED lights up as long as the alarm is cleared on the control panel. The address is set using DIP-switch, which is mounted on the rear side SALWICO NS-AOHS-IS.

-Operating temperature – 84 ° C
-Rated voltage – 24 V DC
-Operating voltage: 15-28 VDC
-Operating Current -0.2 mA
-Alarm current – 2.5 mA
-Operating temperature range: -25 ° C to + 70 ° C
-Ambient humidity 0-95%
-White colour
-Weight – 100g

– Certified by : MED Approved


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