UNIQUE PLATON Fire Sprinkler Flow Meter

Model : SGUV Mark 2

Part No. : – SPFM-100-F
– SPFM-150-F

Size (mm) : – 100
– 150

Orifice Plate : Stainless Steel mounted in a 38mm thick, red polyester coated steel carrier

Measuring Tube : Borosilicate glass with 100mm fused-in ceramic scale

Float : Stainless Steel

Accuracy : +5% at various test flows specified by LPCB

‘O’ Seals : Nitrile

Indicator Housing : Die-cast aluminum with white polyester coating, black bezel and perspex window

Impulse Pipe : Bright nickel plated copper with plated brass connections

Filter Unit : 316 Stainless Steel element with 1.5mm perforations, TPX tube, plated brass connections and nitrile ‘O’ seals

Flow range : 150-12,500 dm3/min

Pressure Limitation : 12 bar g @ 20°C

Pressure Test : 30 bar hydraulic

Pressure Drop : At max flow rate 65% of the orifice pressure loss of 354″WG is recovered


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