What Qualifications Do You Need To Become A Firefighter Position?

Firefighters work hours are not according to its time as specifically they work 24 hours and will wait if there is an emergency or fire happen and then they will take two or three days off after a long time of work. Their salary also are very high as they need to be in a very dangerous position and they put their life in danger that could destroy their life in a split second.


By that, a firefighter must have many basic qualifications and must meet specific training requirements because they are later will need to save people’s life and need to turn dangerous situation into a calm one. So, below is some of the requirements or talent that a person needs to have to become firefighters and it is:

  • Personal Qualities

Firefighters are a high-risk job that requires an ability to identify and recognize a situation correctly and make a quick decision without making any mistake. They need to have good communication as they need to work together and have good teamwork skills because they need to provide information to co-workers and other first responders. Firefighters need to be brave and have prolific courage to risk their life in serious dangerous fires and other emergencies situation. It also requires strong stamina and powerful physical strength.

  • Basic Application Requirements

Nearly all fire departments need and require applicants to be over 18 years old and have a driver’s license. They have a need to pass a lot of tests such as drug test and physical examination as well as test for flexibility, strength, endurance and other requirements that firefighters need to pass. Also most importantly, they need to pass a written test and several job interviews before being hired.

  • Educational Requirements

To become firefighters, most fire departments will demand at least a minimum education of high school diploma. Also, fire departments will more focus on if they have a degree or bachelor. Basically, a student from vocational colleges and four years of school often get offered for this type of program as well get in cooperation with the fire department and its fire academy. Fire science students is specifically the course that most departments require as they learn things such as handling hazardous substances, and others well. They also learn firefighting techniques and fire investigation and prevention.

  • On-the-job training

New firefighters must complete on the job training through a fire academy that is often organized by the fire departments. After they are done with the training, they will learn the emergency procedures, building codes and firefighting methods. Most of the fire departments will send their firefighters National Fire Academy in topics that are compulsory such as disaster preparedness and public fire education fire safety training

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