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How To Take Care Of Fire Extinguisher

Do you know how to take care of a fire extinguisher or how to use a fire extinguisher to help save lives and limit property damage? Whereas you’ve worked near one your entire career.

How To Take Care Of Fire Extinguisher

As per codes and directions and helped living networks are required to give an adequate number of fire quenchers all through each building. Moreover, representatives of these sorts of inhabitants are required to realize how to appropriately utilize fire quenchers.

While there are three fundamental classes of fire and a wide range of kinds of quenchers, the sort that is regularly introduced inside most consideration offices is intended to stifle every basic class of fire.

Class Of Fire

1. Class A—Common Combustibles (wood, paper, cloth, some plastics, etc.)

2. Class B—Flammable Liquids (grease, cooking oils, gasoline, etc.)

3. Class C—Energized Electrical (any fire supported by electricity)

For the safety and protection of occupants in facilities, multipurpose “ABC” type fire extinguishers are likely installed within your building. These multi-use extinguishers are designed to extinguish all three common classifications of fire.

Learning how to properly use a fire extinguisher is a process that should be part of your facility’s training for all new employees as well as reviewed on a periodic basis with the rest of the staff.

Before using a fire extinguisher, it is essential that you follow your emergency procedures, remove residents who may be in immediate jeopardy and “sound the alarm” by either activating the building’s fire alarm system or designating someone to call 999 to notify the fire department and other emergency responders.

Once these actions have been taken, an attempt to control the fire should be made by utilizing the P.A.S.S. method of fire extinguishment.

How To Take Care Of Fire Extinguisher

Pull the safety pin on the lever (usually secured with a plastic “breakaway” tie). The pin is in place to prevent accidental discharge.

Aim the nozzle at the base of what is burning.

Squeeze the lever to discharge the contents of the extinguisher.

Sweep the nozzle back and forth, covering the fire with an extinguishing agent until it has been put out.

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