Renew Fire Extinguisher : What is Efeis

renew fire extinguisher

Renew Fire Extinguisher: What is Efeis?

Renew fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers are a standard feature in many public buildings and also private homes.

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One way to help ensure the fire extinguisher will work properly when needed is to follow the federally mandated inspection schedule (renew fire extinguisher).

These inspections are supposed to be recorded on a hangtag attached to each fire extinguisher.

In addition to a list of the inspections and the dates they were performed, the inspection tags normally will include a description of the extinguisher, including the manufactured and model number.

This is to ensure the tags are present and contain accurate, up-to-date information. Bear in mind that this is an important element of most building safety inspections.

renew fire extinguisher

Renew Fire Extinguisher With eFEIS System

Do you know that every fire extinguisher being sold in Malaysia, must have eFEIS sticker on it? This is the requirement set by FIRE AND RESCUE DEPARTMENT OF MALAYSIA.

Electronic Fire Extinguisher Inspection System or eFEIS is a system for the management of fire extinguishers in the country.

It is implemented by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysian (FRD) as control or monitoring of portable fire extinguishers that are in a building or premises.

The system is implemented in accordance with the standards of Malaysia’s MS1539: Part 4: 2006 Specification for Portable Fire Extinguisher Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguisher – Code Of Practice.

Accordingly, FRD has determined that the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers must comply with the requirements of EN 1539. Part 4: 2004.

That is, any party wishing to carry out maintenance work on fire extinguishers must first: register as the competent person’s online register as contractor maintenance of fire extinguishers online.

Registration as a competent person and the contractor can be made online through this eFEIS system in compliance with the set conditions.

Through eFEIS system, contractors who are registered have to perform the following for the purpose of verification of the fire extinguisher that has been maintained:

  • The register maintained fire extinguishers online.
  • Book fire extinguishers examination on eFEIS online.
  • Make checking payments online.
  • Bring booked fire extinguishers to eFEIS centre on booked dates.
  • A barcode sticker will be issued on an approved fire extinguisher. (Barcode sticker issued to replace certificates H13)

Monthly Visual Inspections

  • Monthly and annual inspections are the best ways to ensure your fire extinguisher operates effectively and is stored and mounted properly.
  • The monthly inspections are visual only and can be performed by the homeowner or a company’s maintenance or safety personnel.
  • These inspections ensure the extinguisher is undamaged, the hose is not blocked, the safety seal is unbroken and the operating instructions are legible.
  • They also include a check of the pressure gauge to verify the device is fully charged.
  • The month and year of these inspections, along with the initials of the person performing them, are recorded on the extinguisher’s hangtag.

Annual Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers

  • Annual inspections are more thorough and must be done and certified by a professional since annual maintenance must include an examination of the mechanical parts, the fire suppression agent and the delivery system.
  • The certification of these inspections must be recorded on the fire extinguisher tag, including the inspection date and the inspector’s initials.

renew fire extinguisher shah alam

Every portable extinguisher is advised to undergo four primary categories of inspections to renew their fire extinguisher: monthly, annual maintenance, six-year and periodic hydrostatic materials inspections.

All inspections must be recorded on one or more tags on the fire extinguisher. It is advisable to keep a separate inspection log as well.

This is why it is important to renew your fire extinguisher. To make sure fire extinguishers are well taken care of and there is no further damage.

A neatly recorded inspection log will ease the process of servicing the fire extinguisher A to Z.

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