Fire Extinguisher Service : Why You Should Service Your Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Service

Fire Extinguisher Service: Why You Should Service Your Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Service: Do you constantly check your extinguisher if there any bumps, leaks or dents that can spoil its ability to be use when it is needed at emergency times?

Failed to do so might put you in situation where the extinguisher could fail you when you need it the most.

Fire extinguisher should be service monthly by designated person on site monthly and by a professional annually to ensure the total function of a fire extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher Service

Have you ever feel reluctant to the idea of keeping your extinguishers in good maintenance? Then these are the 5 reasons why you should service your fire extinguisher;

1. Damage at hard to see areas

Damage to a fire extinguishers can be at hard to see areas that cannot be trace by non-professional. The damage that can possibly happen to your fire extinguisher are corrosion to the aluminum or steel extinguishers that can occur on the inside weakening the reliability of the cylinder as time passed.

Fire Extinguisher Service

2. Hose blockage

Potential hose blockage or damage to the hose can be hardly see too by non-professional. The possibility is, insects or other remains can be stuck in the hose and disturb the functionality of the hose.

3. Potential leaks

Potential leak need to be highlighted because even a subtle leak can render the fire extinguisher useless. Extinguishers with pressure gauges can be check. But not all fire extinguishers have them. Leaks may be hard to detect without pressure gauge. Professional help is needed in this situation.

4. Wear to vital labels

Labels on extinguisher are important in order to give correct instructions on how to use it. Some might not have the proper trainings on how to use extinguisher and rely on the instruction stated when emergency case occur.

Moreover, labels are important to service technicians to check the extinguisher information. Even if the extinguisher is not being used, extinguisher will still experience general wear and tear over time. Especially when extinguisher is placed outdoor or in an active warehouse setting.

Fire Extinguisher Service

5. Some may need recharging

Every extinguisher need to be recharged immediately after it has been used. Even if it is partially use only. They need to be recharged to make sure it can continue working and ready to be use in the future.

Fire Extinguisher Service

With proper service and maintenance completed all the time, a fire extinguisher can be kept for up to 5-15 years before they need to be changed.

Your fire extinguisher needs to be ready to be used when you need it! Wait no more, call us and we shall provide the need for your fire extinguisher.

AITO Firework provides the highest quality products and fire extinguisher service for all our customers. We value the importance of your safety. Contact us at 03 – 7831 4791 for more information.



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