Training and Education on Fire Blanket

Training and Education on Fire Blanket


Fire blanket are a crucial part of fire safety equipment, designed to smother small fires quickly and efficiently, and prevent minor incidents from becoming major disasters. Proper training and education on fire blanket are essential to ensure they are effective in an emergency. 

Confused about using a fire blanket? Feeling unsure in an emergency? This session will equip you with the knowledge and skills to master fire blanket use through effective training and education.

How Fire Blankets Work

Fire blankets extinguish fires by cutting off the oxygen supply, effectively smothering the flames. They are particularly useful for small fires, clothing fires and kitchen fires involving oils and fats. They operate by depriving the fire of oxygen, absorbing heat, and suppressing flames. Their ability to prevent the spread of fire and protect individuals from burns makes them an invaluable tool in fire safety.

Training on Fire Blanket

1. Identifying when to use fire blanket.

2. Learning on how and what steps to use fire blanket.

3. Using fire blanket on a person. But remember, seek for medical attention immediately because burn can be serious.

4. Do maintenance and regular inspection on the condition of the fire blanket. Besides, ensure the proper storage for the fire blanket in accessible location. Do replace the fire blanket immedietely if they show any damage or after use.

Safety Considerations

  • The fire blanket have limitation. They not effective for large fires or certain types of fires.
  • Fire drills need to be conduct on training drills that include the use of fire blankets to ensure everyone is familiar with their use.
  • Complementary fire equipment by using fire blanket alongside other fire safety equipment like fire extinguisher and smoke detector.

Educational Materials

  • Every fire blanket comes with specific manufacturer’s instructions. Read and understand these thoroughly. They will outline proper deployment, storage, and maintenance procedures.
  • Provide visual demonstrations of fire blanket usage. The instructional videos might be effective to the user on how to use the fire blanket.
  • Create a manuals or infographic posters. Distribute easy-to-follow guides the steps to use a fire blanket. Look for visually engaging resources that explain fire blanket use in a clear and concise way.
  • Conduct hands-on training such as practical sessions where individuals can practice deploying and using fire blanket in a controlled environment.


Through training and education on the use of fire blankets, it will significantly enhance preparedness and safety. By understanding the correct deployment techniques and appropriate situations for fire blanket use, individuals can respond effectively to small fires, minimizing potential damage and injuries. This training is a crucial element in fostering a culture of safety and preparedness in various settings.


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