Type Of Safety Signs – Maximize Safety Precautions

fire safety malaysia

Type Of Safety Signs – Maximize Safety Precautions

Type Of Safety Signs. The term “safety sign” is relatively broad and basically means a sign that covers a specific situation, object or activity and gives information or instructions on health and safety.

fire safety malaysia

Safety signs do not evacuate hazards. They are a notice that the hazard exists and, at times, prompt what moves ought to be made.

Safety signs should be utilized “if all else fails”, ie just where other well-being and security measures have been taken, for example, building controls, however, it was discovered that they didn’t satisfactorily control the dangers.

If other health and safety measures reduce the risks so that no significant risk remains, safety signs are not necessary. For example, if there is a risk of falling from a height, then other health and safety regulations generally require measures other than safety signage such as “edge protection”. In this situation, signage is not an alternative control measure.

On the other hand, it may be necessary on occasions to remove such fencing temporarily. In these circumstances, signage will be necessary to indicate alternative protection measures that must be in place when the fencing is removed.

In reviewing the risk assessments for the need for safety signs, existing signage should be checked to ensure that it meets current standards and fulfils its purpose effectively.

There are FOUR types of safety signs:

  • Prohibition and fire.
  • Mandatory.
  • Caution.
  • Safe Condition.

Requirements for safety signs

Obviously, safety signs should be positioned in visible spaces as near as possible to the hazard in question, so long as people still have time to read and understand the sign before encountering the danger. General safety reminders can also be placed throughout the needed place in common space areas.

Signage is briefly an early warning that is supposed to show you what danger might be ahead. There are four safety colours you should know. Each colour has a different message to tell and a different type of warning.

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RED colour indicates the sign to “stop, “prohibition” or “fire-fighting”. Most of the red safety signs need you to take immediate action.  YELLOW indicates “CAUTION” and “risk of danger”.

For example, identification of risks (fire, explosion, chemical, radiation etc), warning signs, identification of thresholds, obstacles and also the risk of a crash.

As for BLUE, it indicates a mandatory action. Giving the sign of the obligation to wear safety equipment, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

These signs specify an instruction that must be carried out. Symbols (or pictograms) are depicted in white on a blue circular background.

Fire safety Malaysia

GREEN indicates the safe condition for example the identification of safety showers, the place of first aid points and also emergency exits signs. In other words, green safety signs give us another sign of hope when an emergency comes around.

Viewing Distance Guide of Safety Signs

When choosing the size of the sign required for a specific work environment, you must take into consideration available lightning in the area the sign will be located and the viewing distance between the observer and the sign location.

Note that in poor lighting conditions, signs that are not likely to fall under the observer’s line of sight will need to increase by 50% of the recommended sizes.

It is also important that safety sign be positioned to maximise their effectiveness. Obviously, safety sign should be positioned in visible spaces as near as possible to the hazard in question, as long as people still have time to read and interpret the sign before coming upon the danger.

All signs should be positioned at eye level and should not be placed on movable objects, such as windows or sliding doors.

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