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A fire engineer ensures that buildings are designed in a way that minimises the risk of fire or the fire spreading.

As we all know, fire is something hazardous that only professional people can handle it especially the big ones.

For example, a fire causes factories, houses, buildings, etc to burn up. All of the devastation mentioned requires the professional department to set the fire off and evacuating the victims.

Most of the jobs are being done by the firefighters but did you know who is behind them?

It is the fire protection engineer.

The big question here is, what is the fire engineer job scope?

Well, basically fire engineers are responsible for developing a specific design that will reduce the impact on the overall of the premises during a fire outbreak. In order to fight a big amount of losses, fire protection engineers are using technology and science to make our surroundings safer from any fire tragedies.

Under International Standards Organization’s definition;

Fire safety engineering is being described as the implementation of engineering principles; by using rules and expert judgment based on the natural catalyst of the presence of fire. Also, investigating the reaction and behaviour of people towards the effect of fire – to save lives.

In addition, a fire safety engineer job is to protect the property; preserving the heritage and the environment. In this field, they conduct a study of quantifying the hazards and other risks of fire alongside its effect. They also evaluate the optimum protective and preventative measures needed within prescribe levels of consequences of fire.

Also, in other words, basically, fire engineers are experts in identifying potential risks and hazards, which can be taken to decrease the impact during fire emergencies in the future.

It is a complex job scope that needs an application of science, technology, engineering, management, psychology and some even law. Only qualified engineers can successfully plan, monitor and implement the system.

How important is the fire protection engineer to you?

Let me put it right here; when your premises are made of large structures and buildings, they can ensure whether that your building is compliant with fire safety provisions.

fire engineer

Fire protection engineer – might be something that we rarely heard nowadays. But it is a job with honour and good deed, especially to the communities. Similar to any specialized field, this job requires the expertise of a trained professional.

Fire protection engineer has its demands especially for those who had knowledge of fire safety in order to develop a comprehensive safety plan.

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