Women’s Day 2019 : The Story of Women Firefighter

Women's Day 2019

Women’s Day 2019 : The Story of Women Firefighter

Women’s Day is a day to appreciate and recognize the success of women across the country regardless of ethnic background, language. culture, economy, even politics. In this modern era, many women have contributed to the development of the country. Women nowadays increasingly engaged to work in challenging jobs such as uniform unit would have thought in the softness of a woman they were able to respond to all the challenges and have a high spirit and strength in their self. So celebrating Women’s Day is a must in this age. Happy Women’s Day 2019 for all the women.

Women's Day 2019


For Siti Farizun Naim, 31 graduates from Bachelor of Management Information and now she continues her studies in  Master of Human Development in Universiti Putra Malaysia said the changes to participating in the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia is an honourable and prestigious honour. Siti Farizun is a good example for the women out there in conjunction with Women’s Day 2019 because she is a great woman and able to take on all the challenges boldly. 

Women's Day 2019

“Initially I did not expect to be one of the firefighters because I was never exposed to fire-fighting activities in school and so on. People say that interest can be fostered. Perhaps after work in the private sector, I was accepted to join the fire drill at the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy in 2013 and from that time my career started as one of the Fire Superintendents at JBPM.So after almost a year following a challenging fire drill at the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy, I fell in love with this career. 

“Furthermore, parents are very supportive. They give full support to my career, besides they are among the happiest to know that I have been accepted for the fire training at the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy.

“Being in the field of career that is dominated by the man is quite challenging. But for me, whatever the job there must be a challenge. But do not make it a barrier for us to keep moving forward. Maintaining heart and positive thinking is one of the principles I always practice and I’m very fortunate that colleagues always provide support and guidance.”

Women"s day 2019

Scope of Work

Siti Farizun started to become a member of the Fire Superintendent at the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia after completing his training and then recruited at the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Academy at Wakat Tapai Terengganu, and subsequently, she continue at Kuala Kubu Bharu and lastly she was assigned at the Fire and Rescue Base (PUJBPM) Subang for 4 years.

“Duties as Public Relations Officers are not as easy as we think we need to be proactive and productive in channelling the information and information that is to be accurate and precise to avoid any confusion.

“Then, I was transferred to the Air Division located at the Fire and Rescue Department Headquarters of Putrajaya Malaysia. My duties and responsibilities are in formulating and implementing regulations for procurement in accordance with the financial regulations, planning the requirements for annual expenditure and managing the administration of contracts involving JBPM aircraft readiness.

“And on June 15, 2018, I was once again transferred to the Fire and Rescue Operations Division and was assigned to the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Team. Under this branch the duties and responsibilities are very different where I am responsible for assisting in the management of the Volunteer Fire and Fire Sector affairs including the financial aspect, the appointment, assist in the improvement in regulation of the Voluntary Fire and Fire Regulations and so forth.”

Women's Day 2019


As Siti Farizun said,

“Being in the field of career that is dominated by the man is quite challenging. But for her, whatever the job there must be a challenge. But do not make it a barrier for us to keep moving forward. Maintaining heart and positive thinking is one of the principles she always practice and she is very fortunate that colleagues always provide support and guidance.

When speaking about experience and challenge it is highly subjective depending on the scope of work that has been accountable and set. The challenge when working at the JBPM Subang Air Base was that when I was forced to undergo training using aircraft such as abseiling, fast roping, jumping from the plane to the sea and so on. The fears can not be denied. But thanks to the confidence and zeal of colleagues the matter can be overcome.

The situation is different when working in the Operations Division. Once I was on duty as On Call Officer and there was a fire at the Old People’s House in Selangor.

So we have been directed to rush to the scene. Arriving there, I and other officers entered the house that had been fired by the members of the Fire station to see the situation inside the house. Imagine seeing the dead bodies of those who have been burned. It is very sad.

But how much effort is required for the task, we have to strengthen our hearts to continue the task we have been responsible for.”

The next experience is when I have to join The Jungle Survival Course for me this is the most valuable experience because not everyone can follow the course. Indeed, in the forest is lacking, but it is not a barrier for us to cite knowledge that can be said to be such as how to make a shelter, how to get food, whether the food is edible or toxic, how to make snares, how to protect ourselves from wild animals, how to find a way out of the jungle, how to use the compass and other indicators and so on.”

Happy Women's Day 2019

In the year of 2019 women, today are moving forward in various fields such as education, leadership job skills and so on. We have to correct the perception of today’s society which places women as the second party in development and women this time have contributed many things in this country so that Women’s Day 2019 should be celebrated in an effort to appreciate them.

To become a great and successful woman as stated by Siti Farizun said,

“When we carry out the duties and responsibilities that have been given with trust and dedication then the greatness of the outward will come on its own.

In the face of the wear and tear of this uniform is indeed a lot of guesses. After all, he is monopolized by the man, so do not always have a sense of inferiority. Prove you as a woman is also able to do it. The sacrifice to be the best is not as easy as ABC or 123. Let’s crawl first before moving on to the top.”

Watch out and say to the heart that nothing is impossible. And when it does, do not boast and forget about the One regarding Women’s day 2019 other women can take this as the example to be a strong woman.

In the last words, May Women’s Day 2019  raise public awareness on women’s issues and the role of all parties in eliminating gender discrimination in order to improve women’s potential development.

In addition, hopefully, the World Women’s Day Celebration 2019 will be one of the forms of recognition for women’s contribution to the development and well-being of families, communities, nations and even the world.



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