5 Tips To Prevent Fire At Home

5 Tips To Prevent Fire At Home

5 Tips To Prevent Fire At Home | Fires often happen in our society. Often we see in the chest of fire events like this happen regardless of place, time and condition. However, fire is one thing that we can break down. We share some tips on how to prevent fires. Please make sure your home is safe before leaving your home.

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Here are 5 Tips To Prevent Fire At Home That We Can Practice While At Home.

1. Security In the kitchen

During cooking should be fully focused. Make sure the kitchen condition is clean and not greasy. Do not cook in tired or drowsiness

2. Heater room

Place the heater at a distance of 3 feet or one meter from any flammable object.

3. Smoking appliances

Make sure the used ash is large and wide. Wash the container before use then does not smoke when going to sleep. It is better if NOT to Smoke.

4. Match and Lighters

Make sure things like matches and lighters are stored safely in order to avoid them

5. Electricity

Replace damaged or twisted wires. Always be aware of electrical appliances used such as smelly, smoky and overheated equipment.

These 5 Tips To Prevent Fire At Home can help you to avoid such an occurrence. When it does, regrets are then useless.



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