Common Causes of Car Fires

DID YOU KNOW? Average shows 1 vehicle burned every 2 days in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Common causes of car fires Common causes of car fires

Common causes of car fires  Common causes of car fires  

 Common causes of car firesCommon causes of car fires

Actually, there is no specific reason why a vehicle can burn whether it is involved in an accident or not but most of the common causes of car fires are identified throughout certain research.

Common causes of car fires and how to prevent it

Cause #1 : Execute the wiring modifications such as the addition of audio systems and so on.

Cause #2 : Battery cables are mounted in reverse between positive and negative.

Cause #3 : Cable assembly on the battery is messy and too tight.

Cause #4 : Connection between one cable to another is loose.

Cause #5 : The braking shift causes overheat.

Cause #6 : Short circuit due to wiring in contact with the body of the vehicle or other



ause #7 : Using batteries that do not follow your vehicle specifications.

Cause #8 : Electrical cable insulation on the fragile vehicle.

Common causes of car fires
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Preventive Measures

  1. Always check your battery condition.
  2. If your car is in towing, open the cord on the battery.
  3. Do not service your car at inefficient mechanic as most burned vehicles are newly serviced vehicles.
  4. If you smell something burned while driving, do not take it easy, stop your vehicle and check the engine parts.
  5. Prepare a fire extinguisher in your vehicle.
  6. Make sure the break pad is always changed to prevent it from being hard and causing overheat.
  7. Touch the vehicle while filling the oil, the electrostatic charge on the material can be discharged through the metal on the vehicle and avoid sparks that may cause a fire.

Common causes of car fires 

Do not let your journey turn into an undesirable tragedy. Protect your family. 

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