Fire Safety Training Malaysia : Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training Malaysia : Fire Safety Training

Health and fire safety training is essential in this fast-changing technology world. Each of us should concern with the methods of handling unfortunate situations like fire or any other emergencies to stay alive.

So, if you are interested in getting fire training sessions to ensure safety precautions are applied whether to yourself, employees or family members so that they are fully aware of the risk of fire and the best and safest way to deal with it as well as to protect your properties, we are here for you.

Yes, our comprehensive courses can be tailored to your unique specifications and desired outcome. Carried out in-house or at your place, all of our courses are entirely flexible and are conducted at agreed locations and convenient times.

Fire Safety Training Malaysia

The scope of the fire training is for the target groups of participants, staff, and customers: –

  • A person with responsibility for fire safety in buildings examples Safety and Health Officer.
  • Management Officer of the company.
  • Committee members of that area.
  • A person in charge of that community.
  • Training provider and education industry.
  • Students need to enhance their knowledge of fire training and looking new opportunities in the fire industry.
  • Anyone who provides service or advice to the Responsible Person/Duty Holder.

fire training fire training

On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Follow the guide of fire protection in Malaysia and understand the major causes of fires, hazards and impacts in the workplace and how to prevent fires.
  • Learn about fire safety regulations and fire prevention techniques.
  • Setup the Emergency Team and understand the firefighting method.
  • Increase the awareness on the importance of fire protection system.
  • Create an individual who has theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of fire safety.
  • Gain knowledge of the theory and practical application of the basic principles of constructional fire protection.
  • Create the perfect blend of knowledge, practical experience and relevance to equip graduates with the confidence and skills they need to get ahead in the world of work.

Optional Module for Advanced Fire Training

  1. Dangerous Fire Extinguish Program
  2. Proper Breather Equipment Program
  3. Search and Rescue Program
  4. Emergency Response and Disaster Management Program
  5. HAZMAT Training
  6. Leadership in Wildland Fires Program
  7. Technical Rope Rescue Training
  8. CBRNE International First Responder Training Program
  9. HAZMAT Team Certification Program
  10. Chemical Weaponry Workshop
  11. NIOSH Train The Trainers Certification for Industrial.

Importantly the responsible person must also provide adequate fire training to their staff, which will take account of the findings of the risk assessment and explain the emergency procedures. All staff is at least, expected to know the location of fire protection equipment and basic operating procedures, just in case they are needed. Appropriate staff, such as fire marshals, would need suitable additional training. Clearly, safety is paramount and no one should attempt to tackle a fire unless it is safe to do so. Many do not consider the fact that an individual may need an extinguisher to aid their escape in the event of a fire, with comments such as ‘if there’s a fire I will just run’ being very common, but few consider that they may not be able to ‘just run’.

fire training

Knowing how to operate the extinguisher is not the end of fire training. Employee respondents to fire also should be trained to adhere to the following protocol:

  • If appropriate, sound the fire alarm or call the fire department immediately.
  • Before approaching the fire, determine an evacuation route safe from flames, excessive heat, and smoke. Do not allow this evacuation route to become blocked.
  • Use the PASS technique for discharging an extinguisher and back away from the area if the fire flares up again. Find out more on how to use a fire extinguisher?
  • If the fire extinguisher is empty and the fire is not out, evacuate immediately.
  • If the fire grows beyond what can be safely handled, evacuate immediately.


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