Common Causes of Office Fires

Office fires can happen at any time, even with proper safety measures in place, although they are more likely to occur in an unprepared workplace. When an office fire breaks out, it can harm your employees, company documents, equipment, and facilities, regardless of its size.

A small fire in the wrong place can be just as damaging as a fire that engulfs your facility. For example, a fire in a server room could wipe out all of your company’s data in seconds, and a small fire at a door of a building without proper provision for emergency exits could trap your entire workforce inside.

The right equipment and Control are key to preparing for the worst, although knowing the most common causes of an office fire can be just as helpful in prevention:



A large proportion of offices today have some degree of cooking facilities in the form of a few microwaves and a kettle or even a  canteen equipped with ovens, stoves, and other combustible or heat-producing appliances. It can be all too easy to leave something unattended, only to have it go horribly wrong and start a fire that can quickly spread throughout your facility.

To minimize the risk:

  • Try not to leave food unattended while cooking or heating.
  • Install fire blankets and fire extinguishers in your kitchen.
  • Install and regularly test your fire alarm.


Electrical fires are often the most difficult to detect because they almost always start from a defect that the average people is not qualified to detect or repair. Damaged cords, overloaded outlets, or faulty appliances are hazards that can start a fire or electrocute people.

It may sound obvious when you hear that outlets are severely overloaded or frayed. Cables are a fire hazard, but it happens all too often,  both at work and at home.

To minimize the risk:

  • Perform a basic visual inspection of your wiring to ensure that outlets are not overloaded. and wiring is not in apparent poor condition
  • Have your fixed wiring and electrical equipment tested by an expert to ensure they are in good condition and any faults to fix.


Smoking is not only bad for your health, but it is also potentially harmful to your business if viewed as a fire hazard. Even well-extinguished cigarettes can easily catch fire under the right conditions. For example, dry weather, a light breeze, and a flammable environment.

Even a cigarette waste container in your smoking area can easily catch fire if a careless worker sticks a lit cigarette into it, similar to throwing a match into a fire. More than a third of the fire fatalities in non-residential buildings was caused by smoking or lighters.

To minimize the risk:

  • Put up signs asking employees to put their cigarettes out completely
  • Put out a bucket of sand or water to help you sort them out
  • Check and empty your cigarette containers regularly.

When it comes to fire safety, you not only expose yourself to mistakes and accidents by doing everything yourself, but you also expose yourself to hefty fines, even if you’re lucky enough to never have an office fire. We can help you with all security issues. Contact us today to see how we can help!



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