Revolutionize Fire Safety: AITO EV Fire Blanket, Your Definitive Solution for Managing Burning EVs

Electric Vehicle fires

AITO EV Fire Blanket: Your Ultimate Solution for Managing Burning EVs

Electric vehicles (EVs) are renowned for their safety, but when rare instances of fire do occur, addressing them can be a challenge due to the unique nature of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can continue to smolder for up to 24 hours post-fire, necessitating innovative solutions for containment and extinguishing. Enter AITO EV Fire Blanket, a groundbreaking product designed to neutralize burning EVs swiftly and effectively.

The Challenge: Managing EV Fires

While EV fires are uncommon, they present unique challenges. Conventional firefighting methods may not suffice, as lithium-ion battery fires can be difficult to extinguish. Currently, standard practice involves submerging the burning vehicle in water for up to 24 hours, posing logistical and environmental concerns. AITO Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket offers a promising alternative.

Introducing AITO EV Fire Blanket

This giant fire blanket is engineered to rapidly neutralize burning EVs, reducing temperatures from within minutes. Measuring 6 by 8 meters and weighing 26 kilograms, it’s designed for ease of use by anyone, minimizing the need for specialized training.

How It Works

1. Preparation: Position the fire blanket with sufficient clearance around the vehicle.

2. Covering the Vehicle: With two people, smoothly drag the blanket over the car.

3. Extinguishing: Ensure the blanket covers the vehicle entirely, limiting oxygen supply to the fire.

4. Safe Relocation: After sufficient cooling time, safely move the vehicle out of the car park for further attention.

Enhancing Safety in Car Parks

AITO Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket and similar solutions provide fire brigades with valuable tools for managing EV fires in underground and indoor car parks. By containing fires swiftly, these products minimize the risk of damage to property and ensure the safety of individuals.


In the evolving landscape of EVs, safety is paramount. Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket offers a proactive solution for managing EV fires, enhancing safety in car parks and beyond. Invest in AITO Fire Blanket and empower your organization with peace of mind and effective fire management capabilities.

AITO EV Fire Blanket


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