The Essential Need for Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket in Car Parks

electric vehicle fire blanket

The Essential Need for Electric Vehicle Fire Blanket in Car Parks

Car parks serve as bustling hubs where vehicles congregate in close quarters for extended periods. With the rising popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), the risk of fire incidents in these spaces has become a pressing concern. Therefore, equipping car parks with electric vehicle fire blanket is not just prudent but essential. Let’s delve into why every car park should have these safety measures in place.

Thousands of Car Parks, Thousands of Cars

From shopping centers to office complexes, car parks are ubiquitous across the UK and Europe, accommodating millions of vehicles daily. The layout of these spaces maximizes parking capacity, often resulting in densely packed arrangements. For instance, leading parking service providers like Q-Park manage extensive portfolios, including multi-storey car parks in city centers, where the risk of EV fires is tangible.

Electric Vehicle Fires in Car Parks

The internet is replete with videos showcasing EV fires erupting in car parks. The phenomenon of thermal runaway, where one EV ignites and triggers adjacent vehicles to catch fire, poses significant risks. The enclosed nature of car parks exacerbates these dangers, with toxic fumes posing health hazards to both the public and parking personnel.

A ‘Must-Have’ Safety Addition

Given the potential presence of EVs in any car park at any time, having at least one electric vehicle fire blanket readily accessible is imperative. As the transition to electric vehicles accelerates, so does the likelihood of EV fires in parking facilities. Thus, an electric vehicle fire blanket emerges as a non-negotiable health and safety item for every car park operator and owner.


In conclusion, the proliferation of electric vehicles underscores the critical importance of fire safety measures in car parks. The deployment of electric vehicle fire blankets stands as a proactive measure to mitigate the risks posed by EV fires. By prioritizing safety, car park operators and owners can ensure the well-being of both their patrons and the surrounding infrastructure. By integrating electric vehicle fire blankets into their safety protocols, car parks can effectively safeguard against the potential devastation of EV fires, thus fostering a secure environment for all.



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