Fire Drill at School

Fire Drill at School


fire drill at school

Fire can cause a destruction effect on any type of premises. However, school is a place that has a significant risk. This is because the places are filled with numerous fire hazards with hundreds to thousands of students. Many of them do not fully understand what to do during a fire. Hence, making the evacuation process a little bit more difficult.

It is the responsibility of the headmaster or the principal and the governing body to conduct the fire evacuation drill at school. Therefore, it is crucial for the authorities at school to create a simple, yet easy-to-understand step-by-step evacuation plan that explains exactly what everyone should do in the event of a fire.

This emergency drill must be conducted regularly. For recommendation, once for every semester; at the start of the terms. Each fire routine must be based upon an efficient and simple operation specially designed for the school operation.

Emergency fire drill at school– why is it so important? Everyone in the school needs to participate in this simulation. This will help the teachers, staff, and students to get used to the situation as if the real tragedy is going to happen.

The purposes of a fire drill at school are:

  • Reminding all the people of the sound of fire alarm, the emergency routes, assembly point, and any fire safety procedures.
  • Evaluate time on how quickly people can evacuate from school.
  • Ensuring the emergency path is clear from any obstructions.
  • Giving the fire wardens the opportunity to practice their duties.
  • Identify areas where the fire alarms are not noticeable.


A perfect time to conduct a fire emergency drill at school? Anytime. This is because fire can occur at any unpredictable time. Preferably, the school authority needs to run each of the fire drills at a different time of the day; accounting for unexpected and difficult situations that may happen. Testing your fire evacuation plan regularly under different circumstances may reveal the weakness and flaws in the established plan.

To get the most out of the fire drill at school, it is crucial for the school authorities, especially the fire wardens to evaluate the process from start to finish. Asking designated staff or the fire wardens to not take part in the evacuation process – being an eye and observe the situation instead.

For all people especially, students, the adults need to calm everyone down. Regardless of the nature of a fire emergency, students must walk instead of running to the exit. Next, when the emergency alarm rings, quickly leave personal belongings and get out of the building. The class teachers need to guide students to the nearest evacuation route to the safe zone.

fire drill school


Fire drills at the school are effective only if they are well planned and being done regularly. By following the right steps and orders throughout the fire drill, it can get the most out of the procedures and minimizing any risk.

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